Life Update from the FL to Cal Gal


My life is crazy, as per usual. I’ve been working anywhere from 35-62 hours a week.

I thought I’d type up a quick update for those still keeping an eye out for my adventures.

So, here ya go.

Ps. thanks for being here. You’re great.

Cali Living (3)

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My New Year Retreat

After returning from my holiday “break” to a week filled with crazy kids, a parking ticket, a reminder of how much I dislike my living situation and a weekend of “office work” aka shredding paper for hours with no one else in the office, I needed a break.

I hadn’t been on a California adventure in far too long, so I decided on a long anticipated four hour drive to Fort Bragg.

Additionally, because I was so terribly uncomfortable staying in our apartment and I came home with Christmas money, I decided last minute after work on New Years Eve Sunday that I would go ahead and make the drive, book and airbnb and wake up on the coast.

That’s exactly what I did 🙂


The drive there was what a non-mountain driving Florida girl would call treacherous. Everything was great until it got dark and I entered a heavily forested trail through the mountains. I did not accelerate past 30 mph for about a half an hour and I honestly felt like I was in a horror film where something was going to pop out at me in any moment.

Luckily I survived the winding roads, even after the lines on the pavement disappeared, and I arrived at the most adorable airbnb.

Although I was completely drained and terrified from my drive, I got back into my car and drove into town so I could stock up on the “spending new years alone” necessities aka taco bell, ice cream, wine in plastic bottles and some oatmeal for the morning.

Little did I know that the owners of the airbnb were bringing me the most precious breakfast the next morning including coffee, orange juice, fruit, a croissant and a delicious pumpkin muffin.


Anyway, I’m getting ahead of myself. After an evening of junk food and watching The Wedding Crashers that was so kindly left in my room with a dvd player, I passed out around 10:30/11 and woke with the sun.




I thought I could walk down to the beach from my room but I poorly miscalculated the walk and amount of mountain that I was surrounded by. After taking a short 6:30am walk up and back down the road, I got into my car and drove the 15 minutes to the beach access I had seen the night before.




I brought my yoga mat with me, set it up on the sand and proceeded to do yoga in fuzzy socks, sweat pants, a sweater and a winter coat.

After a short yoga flow, I sat in solitude, gratitude and complete peace. I was completely surrounded by beauty and I became overwhelmed with a feeling of content that brought tears to my eyes.

I happily sat, dipped my toes in the freezing water and watched the sunrise on the new year.

Here are some photos from the gorgeous beach. Someone had written “Happy New Year” in the sand.

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After my toes almost froze off and the sun was finally out, I returned to my airbnb to get ready for the day and to enjoy the breakfast I was given.

The first place I visited after my magical morning was the MacKerricher State Park which was absolutely beautiful.

I didn’t see any wildlife but I did enjoy the views. The coast here is just a bit different from what I grew up with and it’s breathtaking.

The original intent for visiting Fort Bragg was to see Glass Beach. It’s essentially a beach that acted as a dumping site which created a massive sea glass collection along the shore.



The glass sparkled on the beach and I enjoyed rummaging through the debris.

I then found myself spending the afternoon on another beach, sitting in the sunshine, reading the day away.

So, all in all, this was a perfect day. I can’t imagine spending the New Year in a better way unless it included more time with my family.


I hope you enjoyed the photos that have captured the best new year celebration I’ve ever had.

If you’re contemplating taking a trip alone, I would definitely recommend it, especially if you’re feeling overwhelmed by those around you. A quick escape might be exactly what you need.

Stay well, my friends and happy new year!

Until next time,


Effects of a Plant Based Diet

Beginning this summer when I had my first real “job” and apartment outside of college, I drastically changed my diet to include a lot more plants. Although I was still sometimes consuming meat and dairy at this time, I began shopping more at farmers markets and still continue to do so today now that I’ve adopted a vegan diet.

I have seen so many wonderful changes in my body and mental state and thought I would share them with you all 🙂

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Looking Back on 2017 Goals

Recently while looking through the notes app on my phone, I found a list of the goals I set for myself at the end of 2016 for the upcoming year.

For the first time since I started making these short lists a few years ago, I realized that I had actually accomplished most of the things I set out to do a year ago.

Perhaps this is because my goals have evolved from “get abs” and “eat better” to more tangible goals like “journal once a week” and “use less heat on my hair”. Or maybe I accomplished my goals now that I’m out of the stress of college and am figuring out life on my own. Whatever the reason, I am proud to say I have accomplished these goals and I’ll speak more about them in this post 🙂

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The Adventures of Kortney with a K

photography by josh rodgers -

Since I have been incredibly stressed out by my internship, I try to spend every moment I am away from work healing my mental health and fueling my mind and body for another day in the office and rehearsals with kids. This free time includes my one sacred day off a week.

On Sundays I have gone to festivals, the beach, hiking, an orchard, a pumpkin patch and more. I enjoy exploring new places and taking advantage of the beautiful scenery in California.

This past Sunday didn’t include any grand adventures but did include many small activities that left me feeling rejuvenated and inspired.

So, here’s how my day went:

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How I Became a Minimalist

A note about my journey towards living with less.

Up until this summer, I had no sense of budgeting. I be-bopped through life spending what I wanted, while still making sure I only spent what I had in my bank account. After I graduated, I knew that I needed to come up with rent money for my first apartment, so I set that money aside in my savings and then spent whatever I wanted to before my internship began. I drove the six hours home, spent a couple days in Orlando and stayed in my new apartment in Tampa, all the while spending money and not earning any.

One day I sat down to make a grocery/necessities list for an upcoming trip to Walmart. This list making was nothing new, I always make a list of things I “need” or am running out of since I moved away from home for the first time.

When I took a good look at the list, I realized that for the first time since I started making my own money, I didn’t have enough to pay for the things I thought I needed.

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