Mission Back to Florida: Day 3 in the Grand Canyon

We decided to break up our trip by staying two nights in Flagstaff and using an entire day to explore the Grand Canyon.


What actually happened was that we dragged ourselves out of bed by 6am and drove an hour and a half to the southern entrance so we could beat the crowds and after hiking for about an hour or so and sitting down for lunch, we were so beat that we went back to our airbnb to shower and then spent the afternoon/early evening in downtown Flagstaff.

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Mission Back to Florida: Day 2 in Sedona

Todays adventures took us from Venice Beach to Sedona to Flagstaff where we stayed for a couple nights.

While we were in Sedona we met an amazing waitor in a restaurant with a view who told us about some things we should see while we were in Sedona and he definitely did not disappoint.

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Pre-Journey Trip to San Fran & San Jose

So my sister was supposed to fly into Sacramento Friday night (June 1st) but there were complications with her Delta flight back in Florida so instead of spending Saturday seeing my final two performances as a music director/teaching artist with STC, she flew in Saturday evening.

Which was honestly fine, because our first real adventure was planned for Sunday and that adventure will be hi-lighted in this post.


Read more for painted ladies, a back alley photo shoot and Dr. Candy.

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California to Florida


Hi, friends.

I’m currently watching Coco (It’s on Netflix now?! Yaaas) in our Airbnb in Dallas instead of exploring the city because quite frankly, Leandra and I are exhausted. We got in a few hours ago and checked out the Bishop Arts District but we’ve been on the road for 5 days now and we’re feeling it.

Since I’m straight chillin in bed for the night, I thought I’d check in to let ya know my plans for this blog. My sister has a fancy new iPhone and has been taking amazing photos of our entire journey. See below 🙂

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“I don’t know your story”

Today was my final day in the education office as an intern. My last week in California will be spent as a teaching artist at the school I’ve been working with for a few months now. The kids I’ve been music directing will perform Seussical JR next weekend and I’m so excited for them to show off all the work they’ve done.

But anyway, that’s not why I’ve decided to write this post.

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My Meditation Practice

Hi friends!

I’ve been meditating pretty consistently for the past couple months, so here I am writing about how it’s affected me, including:

  • Who I am because of my meditation practice and how it has changed me
  • What I do
  • When I tend to meditate
  • Where I meditate
  • Why I meditate

I am by no means an expert in meditation, I’m just simply sharing my personal practice and what it has done for me.

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I got two job offers?!

This blog post acts as my “big announcement” of what comes next when I’m done being an intern with the Sacramento Theatre Company.

Will I leave California? Will I get to see my family and my beautiful home state? Will I accept two perfect back-to-back theatre job offers in one of the places I’ve dreamed of living my entire life?

The answer is yes 😉 Read more to find out about my next theatrical adventures.


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